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  My name is Patricia, I am a 31 year old passionate Personal Trainer and a Physiotherapy student from the Netherlands. I have 15 years of experience as an individual sports and groups fitness instructor. I achieved a FIRST place at The One 2015 Lesmills competition and THIRD in the Crossbox Throwdown in 2018. Other Highlights are my Bachelor of Physiotherapy course at AFC-Ajax soccer team and a long sport and exercise journey through Australia. Read more HERE.

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Strengthen and develop muscle mass?
 Lose weight without feeling like you're on a diet?
   Do you want to prepare for a Crossfit, Running or triathlon competition?

Perhaps merely feeling fitter and more toned whilst at the same time gaining the confidence to show off the real you 

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My story:
Since childhood I have been passionate about sports, exercising and identifying with my client’s experience to sports. I started as a Streetdance/HipHop instructor whilst simultaneously studying my Sport and Exercise Science CIOS (Bachelor of Sports) from 2007 - 2011,
I continued to develop my skills and knowledge in the field of fitness. I am a specialist instructor in BodyAttack and BodyPump (Lesmills), Fitness, Crossfit, HipHop, Aerobics/Steps, Spinning and many other classes.

After 6 years off full-time work, I wanted to learn more about human anatomy and physiology, and specifically sports injuries and rehabilitation. In order to do so, I started the full time Bachelor of Physiotherapy programme at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. (HvA) in 2017. In 2018 I finished a sports and Physiotherapy based course at BB Performance in Physiotherapy at AFC-AJAX Soccer team (a top tier Dutch professional football club based in Amsterdam) and continued my study with two private practise internships in Australia (40 weeks in total)  at Physio, Fitness in Gladstone Qld and JW Physical Health and the Waverley Rugby club in Bondi, Sydney. 


  • 1st place at the international Lesmills trainer contest 'The One 2015' in Bodypump.
  • 3rd place at the Crossbox Throwdown Meppel 2018. 
  • Business owner of PTP - For a 'better you in 2018
  • Completed the AFC-AJAX Physiotherapy course in 2018.
  • Internship at Physio and Fitness in QLD Australia.
  • Internship at JW Physical Health and Waverley Rugby in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
  • Fast growing Personal training business in NSW Australia.
  • 2.5 years of working, travelling and studying in Australia.

My aim:
To combine Personal Training, coaching and Physiotherapy in order to help you to achieve all of your goals, and address any injury that challenges you on the road to change your life.


  • Nothing is impossible!
  • All goals are achievable
  • Exercise really can play a positive role in life. 

I want to help YOU to reach YOUR goals!

What to expect?

My goal is to inform and inspire you to lead a healthy and an active lifestyle. I aim to educate you on different training styles in a fun and supportive environment and enable you to achieve your goals, no matter what your fitness level is.

Description of services:

  • Initial assessment of health, habits and goals
  • Online coaching
  • Individual personal training session
  • Small group
  • Help with injuries
  • Advise on how to set healthy lifestyle goals

Day 1: Intake

  • 60 minute introductory training session
  • Setting expectations and goals
  • Planning training schedule
  • Advise on how to set healthy lifestyle goals 


  • Well-built hourly indoor or outdoor training sessions, that will fit with your goals.
  • Evaluations and body measurements
  • Broadening your knowledge about techniques; Physiology; Anatomy; nutrition; the cooperation between body and mind.



  • Personal coach
  • Online intake: 30 minutes
  • Setting expectations and goals 
  • Customized training schedules
  • Video instructions
  • Free weekly calls
  • Nutrition advise
  • Evaluating of the training sessions
  • Body measurment

PTP - For a 'better you', I will show you that exercising is a healthy and fun way to get fit and contribute to a positive way of life.

You will be amazed by what your body can do!




BUDDY TRAINING            5 X 60 MINUTES FOR €250 p.p.

 1:1 TRAINING                         5 X 60 MINUTES FOR €350

HAARLEM Personal Training 

  • Single PT session:            € 80.00
  • 5 Pass (per session)        € 70.00
  • 10 Pass (per session)      € 60.00

Online classes and exercise programs only also available. 

ONLY  €50 per session when you bring a mate.


  • Single buddy session:            € 60.00 p.p.
  • 5 Pass (per session)                 € 50.00 p.p.



  • There is a 24 hour cancelation policy on your booked session. No Show or a late cancelation will be counted as a full training session. 
  • Passes expire in two months from the first session. 



  • 1:1 Online training:    €60.00 a session 

No problem. your schedule fits your own personal needs and conditions.

For more information, send an email to HERE 
All prices are inclusive Tax.

For video's see the link ===>>>

Do you want to know what clients have to say?

Eline S. (The Netherlands)
Patricia and I already work together for over 2 years, and I can absolutely recommend her as a personal trainer! First of all, her relentless energy and passion for sports and making others better is inspiring. She pushes you to give it all, and therefore you can see results quickly! Secondly, she has a good understanding of the human anatomy, so even if you have an injury, she finds creative ways to still keep training. Last but not least, she is a great person to work with and she brings a lot of variety to her trainings, so it’s always fun and satisfying.
Patricia taught me to never give up, and she stimulates to keep practicing challenging exercises with a strong focus on the right technique.

Lysette L. (The Netherlands)
Patricia has helped me to train towards a 13 K Strong Viking run. Being a fitness center girl and not a runner, that was quite a challenge. She learned me to enjoy working out outdoors and showed me all the options that offered. Inside the gym she showed me new and challenging ways to exercise. Patricia has learned me so much and I still practice it every day. It has made me able to make my own schedules, know what to do to stay fit and not being dependent on anything or anyone. Especially now that all gyms are closed during Corona this has been a great advantage.

Christian L. (The Netherlands)
I know Patricia from our CrossFit classes in Haarlem, where she used to be one of our trainers. It was aways fun to train when she was one of the instructors! She knows her stuff when it comes to theory about the human body and how to train to prevent injuries. She is therfore very keen on applying the right technique when training. Patricia gets the most out of herself and challenges the group to do the same, and although she doensn't hesitate to give you a 'no-rep', she always made it fun!
I can't wait to train with her again!.

Remco B. (The Netherlands)
A few years ago I qualified for a CrossFit competition (throwdown), it was a competition without age division so I knew I wasn’t going to finish in the top ten, I was 40 at the time. Although I’m fairly fit, I’d like to think, I wasn’t completely confident about my performance. I had a talk with Patricia and she had an idea for a trainings schedule, strength was not my weak spot she noticed but stamina and endurance were. We worked together for about two months and during that time she focused on my weaker points, but didn’t forgot to put in the strength side in my training. As predicted I did not finish in the top 10, my original goal was to finish second to last but I ended up just slightly in the 2nd half from the top, so all things considered I performed much better than I hoped for.
Now I include more conditioning in my training program, I’m fitter and stronger than I was when I was thirty.

It is with great pleasure that I am writing the recommendation letter for my personal trainer Patricia Boon. Whom I trained with and attended  group session classes through Club Lime gym.  Also personal training during lockdown 2021 in Australian for 3 months. 

Her persistence kept me focused and committed during the uncertainty of covid times .  Patricia  helped improve my attitude along with confidence and drive to stay healthy both mentally and physically.  I made the right diet choices for stamina and confidence with correct technique and form to prevent injury and improve strength and core stability. 

The expertise and guidance she provided through my strength training session have been amazing. 

Consistently updating and redesigning my sessions kept me motivated and consistently progressing with results. 

I benefited with short term and long term endurance 

Increased core strength and balance and focus.  Faster muscle recovery time,  Increase in speed and endurance with increase in muscle definition and strength.  I felt less fatigue, improved digestion, improvement in sleeping patterns and especially with my mental health. 

The ability to manage daily stress in my occupation with covid on top of my highly stressful line of employment. 

I would highly recommend Patricia for any position or client who wishes to train with her. 


Kind regards 

Belinda Filipovska  12-01-2022

Client reviews - Australia

PT with Patricia!! 


What can I say the pt sessions were so much fun yet it made me feel so strong and lean.

The sessions were an hour long with a mix of running, high intensity and low impacted workout which it got you're whole body moving.

Thankyou Patricia 10/10 overall.


Svetlana  08-12-2021

I met Patricia for the first time at my friend's house. It was a friendly gathering and I found out that Patricia is a Physiotherapy student and PT. Later, Patricia started her PT sessions in Wollongong, Australia and invited me to join.
Patricia is not only a professional trainer, but you also feel that you know each other for a long period of time, when practicing with her. She has a very friendly and kind characteristic and it makes it more enjoyable when you train with her. I really enjoyed my boxing sessions and recommend Patricia to anyone who likes to have a training in a friendly environment!

Thank you, 
Sohrab 12-12-2021

So grateful to have met you Patricia. This woman taught me to run, to keep moving forward to set a goal and go for your life, and I did! I am so thankful for everything you have taught me during my fitness journey. The balance, healthy lifestyle, getting stronger and fitter and being outdoors was the best times I had for my wellbeing. The classes are amazing! Best times when you taught them at the gym too. I enjoyed every bit of it. You are the best motivator! Thank you so much again for getting me back on track with my fitness journey. You are an amazing lady, 100% recommend her to go train with Patricia. 
I honestly wish she was still here in Australia. She had the best positive vibes during working out, helping and guiding you and giving the best advice as well. 

Please go and check her out!

Tasia 11-12-2021

It is not every day that you meet someone who you know is very special in so many ways.  Patricia is an amazing young lady who I got to know through my local gym in Australia and from doing her personal training sessions. 

All the reviews about Patricia describing her passion, motivation and energy for fitness are all so very true! She is the fittest person I’ve ever met!  But for me the most special quality about Patricia is her character and her respect for everyone that she meets. 
She treats and honours everyone with her genuineness and her kind-hearted nature.  She understands peoples goals and battles because she has experienced them herself and has created the amazing life she lives through faith and hard work. 

Patricia is certainly an “old soul” who will do wonderful things in this world in the years to come. Her understanding of the true meaning of life will touch so many people who have the good fortune to meet her.
 A body radiating fitness and energy is one thing.  A person of genuine character with a heart of gold is another. 
A person who has BOTH of these amazing qualities is Patricia Boon. 

Sash Klimevski 20/12/2021 

 On stage and Personal Training.

It's a passion, it's love, it's so much fun and it's a big part of my life. Coaching and inspiring others to enjoy working out and being healthy in an energetic environment where you can be you. 

Everyone joins my classes with a goal. For some is it to stay fit, others want to lose weight, some recover from injuries, others like to create lean muscle mass or focus on mental health.  We share the energy together and help each other towards our goals.

Live your life to the max and enjoy every single part of it. 

If you need help to create this vibe/energy/state of mind. contact me.

I can help you!


Sailing is one of my passions.

What is yours?


Since 2017 I am studying my Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy. I have the privilege to do my internships in Australia and to complete my four (in my case six) years Bachelor degree overseas. I have gained so much knowledge in Physiotherapy over the last 4 years and there is still lot to come. Enjoy the ride!

Personal training; Goups Fitness; Physiotherapy (sports); Rugby;  Business owner; Australia; The Netherlands.